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Initial and Hygiene Appointment

Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment at Dr. Briney's office is made easy by filling out the electronic forms via 2 different ways:

1) the patient can fill out paperwork online by accessing these forms through this website or

2) the patient can fill out the forms in our waiting room through a tablet Kiosk.

These forms now comprise your electronic/digital chart. The office is completely paperless in order to create an ease of accessing your information immediately without looking for a physical paper chart.

After reviewing the patient's medical history; digital radiographs are taken and an exam follows. This exam is very detailed and puts the patient in a comfortable setting by educating the patient every step of the way.

Digital Xrays & Charts

Our charts are completely digital. At the initial appointment, the bulk of a patient's chart is established. The "old school" film xrays have been replaced with the most advanced Digital Xray system and software. Not only does this system provide a much better diagnostic tool to determine any disease process, but it allows a significantly reduced exposure to radiation. The amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to during a full set of xrays is equivalent to having your cell phone in your pocket for 10 minutes or being in the sun for an hour! Along with the digital xrays, a digital intraoral camera is used to diagnose and show the patient any areas of concern. This also provides access for the patient to view their records via the internet or through email. Dr. Briney also utilizes a 3D version of digital imaging in order to assess the most advanced level of diagnostics and imaging.

Hygiene Visit
Laser Therapy

Your dental hygiene appointment will be one of the best cleaning experiences you have had. Dr. Briney considers his dental hygienists as some of the BEST in the dental field. Your oral health is established and maintained to the highest standards. Initial evaluation of your gums and bone will establish the proper protocol in making sure the patient's health is at the forefront. The patient is comforted knowing that they are not being rushed and having a polish of their teeth instead they are having a very detailed and proper cleaning. It at the initial hygiene appointment where it is determined whether there is gum and bone disease (periodontal disease) present and needs to be treated through our Laser Periodontal Therapy program.​

If it is determined that there is Periodontal Disease present; Dr. Briney's office has a treatment plan that makes the treatment easy and comfortable to the patient. Through technology and research, we are able to offer a therapy that is based on using a Laser. The best part of this therapy is that there is NO need for scalpels

and sutures (non-surgical). During the deep cleaning

process, a Laser is used to remove the diseased

and inflamed tissue leaving very healthy tissue with

very little healing time and best of all; virtually


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