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Clear Aligner Orthodontics


Clear Aligner Orthodontics were once recommended for very slight teeth movements, but today's technology has allowed for very advanced movements to be accomplished with Clear Aligner Orthodontics in a very short time compared to traditional brackets and wires.

Clear Aligners

Clear Correct Aligners

ClearCorrect is considered as the leader in clear aligner therapy. Although Invisalign is more known by name, ClearCorrect has developed an advanced material and software that allows treatment to be faster and more precise.

ClearCorrect Software

Dr. Briney uses the latest in technology that eliminates the need for the old fashion impressions. Digital scans allows for 3D images of the patient's teeth to be imported into ClearCorrect's software and a 3D program will show in detail the treatment plan for a patient's orthodontic case.

Orhtodontic Software

Dr. Briney uses the latest in technology

Service Name

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As an incoming freshman into high school, I was afraid of the thought of having metal brackets and wires on my teeth. Dr. Briney straightened my teeth in less than 6 months with ClearCorrect. I could take them out when I needed and I could talk and sing as if nothing was in my mouth.

Alexa 13 Years Old

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