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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have revolutionized the way doctors practice dentistry. Patients also benefit from a higher standard of care, experiencing faster treatment and healing times with less overall discomfort. Dr. Briney has been using soft & hard tissue Lasers in his practice for 10 years and uses the most advanced Lasers on the market. BIOLASE iPlus has made it possible to restore cavities without the need for needles and drills! BIOLASE Epic makes all soft tissue procedures easy and painless ranging from periodontal disease treatment to soft tissue pain therapy. There are hundreds of procedures that Lasers are used for and below are some of the most common.

 Laser Periodontal Therapy



Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT) is an incredible advancement for the treatment of slight to severe periodontal disease. Previously, the only option for success was periodontal surgery which involves using scalpels to open the tissue and expose the underlying teeth and bone. This procedure is extremely painful and the recovery is 7-10 days.  In Dr. Briney's office; a laser is used in conjunction with the deep cleaning appointment in order to eliminate diseased pockets and inflamed tissue which makes up the periodontal pocket.

The periodontal patient will go through the following appointments and steps during their personal treatment plan.

1) General cleaning for proper diagnosis and treatment plan

2) Deep cleaning along with Laser Periodontal Therapy. The patient is anesthetized in order to provide a comfortable and pain free appointment.

3) 6-Week Re-evaluation to determine healing and success

4) 4 month recall appointments to maintain health

Laser Gingival Contouring


Many patients complain of a "Gummy Smile" or that their teeth are too short. A simple and quick procedure that will eliminate the ​"Gummy Smile" is to remove the excess tissue which produces a look that makes the teeth appear longer without touching the teeth. The procedure is a simple 30 minute appointment that involves numbing the tissue with either a topical or local anesthetic. Dr. Briney removes a little at a time to show the patient the result at each increment to determine whether more is needed to produce the desired effect. The patient may experience sore gums for 24 hours but not painful.

 Laser Preparation

      Without Needles & Drills



Lasers are also used in many hard tissue procedures and in most cases can be completed without pain, needles nor drills! The BIOLASE iPlus was formulated around reduction of heat to the tooth and using the natural moisture in the tooth to remove only diseased tooth structure. This allows for a more conservative preparation and no need for shots and drills. This is truly one of the most advanced technologies in dentistry today. Only 5% of dentists utilize this technology and Biolase is the leading manufacturer across the globe. This is ideal for all children and adults that are afraid of having fillings performed.

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